The collaboration begins

"We never felt we worked for the Disney Studio we also worked for Walt"


Elma Milotte

The first contact the Milottes had with Walt was in early 1946 when a animation director of the Disney Studios named Ben Sharpsteen contacted them about Walt’s interest in their work and his desire to film Alaska.


For the next decade, Walt kept his friends  the Milottes very busy working on his True Life Adventure series. From their successful movie Seal Island in Alaska to Bear Country and then to Beaver Valley.  The Prowlers of the Everglades in Florida was next, followed by Australia, where they photographed Nature’s Strangest Creatures; and then Africa for The African Lion.




The Milottes’ work also appeared on television, in segments of the Mickey Mouse Club, and in a personal story called “Cameras in Africa,” featuring an introduction by Walt Disney.


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