Filming the Alaska Wilderness

Alfred Milotte was born in Appleton, Wisconsin in 1905, and Elma Moore Jolly was born in Seattle, Washington in 1907. The Great Depression moved Alfred to Washington State where he met Elma, who was a teacher at the Orting High School in Orting WA. They moved to Ketchikan, Alaska, after Alfred  purchased a photography studio and married on their arrival in 1934. Alaska was their first home together, but wouldn't be their last because the world's wildlife needed to be filmed. This began the photographic team work of Alfred and Elma Milotte. They later expanded into lectures and the public was fascinated by the  films of the Alaskan wilderness.

But the camera shutter closed with the out break of the war. The Milottes had difficulties producing wildlife films during World War II so Alfred Milotte went to work for North American Aviation making instructional films. After the war ended, Alfred and Elma Milotte quickly resumed the work they truly loved,  filming the Alaska wildlife and its people.

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